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Finally: MP-OLSR becomes RFC8218

After ten years of hard work (well… not that hard), 20 revisions, MP-OLSR, the Multipath Extension for the Optimized Link State Routing Protocol Version 2 (OLSRv2)  finally gets its RFC number: 8218 ( MP-OLSR is my major work of my PhD … Continue reading

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Yes, our IoT lab

Recently, our Network Research Team@X has been acquiring widgets for building our small, but neat IoT lab, to: teach the students build test beds and experiments build IoT prototype and mostly, have fun With different kinds of main boards, radios, … Continue reading

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Polytechinique’s Executive Education on IoT is on the way!

Recently, I participated in Polytecnique’s Executive Education program, giving classes for the hands-on session, which means, wiring the boards, connecting different kinds of sensors, writing programs to drive the hardware, and eventually building connected objects for the “smart” world! X’s … Continue reading

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Flashing Riot OS for Arduino Boards

Update on Feb 03 2017: I asked the question on the RIOT-OS issue tracker ( Apparently, the problem with Uno and Mega2560 is due to the fact that I used the VM provided ( ). When I retried without the VM, … Continue reading

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Getting the same address of the local variable in GDB? Think about the address randomization

When playing with GDB this afternoon, I noticed a “strange” behavior. Even with simple code like #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { int x = 1; printf(“x=%d\t address: %p\n”, x, &x); return 0; } In GDB, we always get the same … Continue reading

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Mount time capsule to Linux/Raspberrypi

sudo mount.cifs //IP_ADDRESS/DIR MOUNT_POINT -o “user=YOUR_USERNAME,passwd=YOUR_PWD,sec=ntlm” echo “//IP_ADDRESS/MOUNT_POINTMOUNT_POINT cifs user=MOUNT_POINT,pass=YOUR_PWD,rw,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8 0 0” >> /etc/fstab  

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Gnuplot with png and pdf terminal

One might get messages like unknown or ambiguous terminal type; type just ‘set terminal’ for a list To use png as terminal in GNUPlot, libgd2-dev library is needed (which is not provided in some distributions). After installing libgd2-dev, one needs to … Continue reading

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使用了CRIFAN的脚本和以下的方法. 以下为引用 新浪博客用了2、3年了,其实还是蛮好用的,只是也太缺少变化,主题就那几种,很久不更新。 很羡慕网上看到的各种个人站点,觉得作为一个IT从业人员,拥有一个自己的站点也是件不错的事情。 于是去注册了个域名,名字就是我常用的网名。买了个虚拟主机,装上wordpress。 麻烦的是如何把新浪博客里攒下的文章导入进来,曾经blogbus的博客搬家工具是可以把各大博客导入到他们的站点,而他们的站点就是基于wordpress。 但是现在似乎新浪把blogbus的搬家工具给封了,用不了。在网上搜刮了1个多小时,找到了crifan大侠的作品,功能强大,简便易用。 详细的说明都有了,而我们操作起来也非常简单。代码下载下来,直接python执行就好。 -s -g no -w -s指定博客首页 -g 指定不开启google翻译 -w 指定图片路径。因为之前的图片都是存在新浪,博客里的img src都是新浪的,所以要指定为你预备替换的图片路径,比如我就放在自己的wordpress默认图片路径下 不过,新浪博客的图片地址不是img src=,而是这样的 img src=”” real_src=”” width=”98″ height=”346″ alt=”C++产生伪随机数” title=”C++产生伪随机数” 然后这个脚本里替换了real_src而没有替换src,导致wordpress里图片不能显示。 这里的src和real_src是给JS脚本动态加载图片用的。 自己用文本编辑器改一下就好,比如vim下一条命令就够了 :%s/src=”” real_//g

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Making use of external libraries in NS3

There are have been some articles introducing how to make used of external libraries in NS3, such as HOWTO use ns-3 with other libraries Extending NS3 with your module and extra libraries   But they are not very … Continue reading

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Justhost很不给力,在用了两年之后,一点优惠都没有了。 从今天开始,转战到mochahost。

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