Ad hoc Network Security

The purpose of the project is to analyzes common security threats to MANET protocols, like Neighborhood Discovery Protocol (NHDP), OLSRv2, Simplified Multicast Forwarding (SMF), etc.

NHDP defines a HELLO messages exchange, enabling each NHDP Router to acquire topological information describing its 1-hop and 2-hop neighbors, and specifies information bases for recording this information.

An NHDP Router periodically transmits HELLO messages using a link-local multicast on each of its interfaces with a hop-limit of 1 (i.e., HELLOs are never forwarded). In these HELLO messages, an NHDP Router announces the IP addresses as heard, symmetric or lost neighbor interface addresses.

An Attacker has several ways of harming this neighbor discovery process: It can announce “wrong” information about its identity, postulate non-existent links, and replay HELLO messages.

The different ways of attacking an NHDP deployment may eventually lead to inconsistent information bases, not accurately reflecting the correct topology of the MANET. The consequence hereof is that protocols using NHDP will base their operation on incorrect information, causing routing protocols to not be able to calculate correct (or any) paths, degrade the performance of flooding operations based on reduced relay sets, etc.


An example of replay attack using TTL/hop-limit field


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