SEREADMO is a French national project supported by RNRT (National Network of Research in Telecommunications). Four famous French universities and companies, including IRCCyN-IVC, THALES Group, Keosys and University of Poitiers participated in the project.

It lasted for 3 years from 2006 to 2009. Its goal is to find a secure and reliable routing protocol for wireless ad hoc networks.

The three fundamentale ideas of the project are:

  • The routing protocol makes use of the Mojette Transform.
  • The data distribution and the validation of data integrity are defined by Mojette Transform, which permits the division of the information into redundant projections.
  • The MIMO technology is used.The protocol guarantees the authentication and the confidentiality of the packets transmitted in the intermediate nodes and the destination.


Figure 1 Wireless ad hoc network

The project was finished in July 2009. In accordance with the objects of the project, the following results are obtained:

  • A multipath routing protocol. The MP-OLSR has been validated with the metrics of quality of service (delay, packet delivery ratio, jitter, etc.) in simulations and testbed.A data securing mehcnism based on redundancy coding.
  • The Mojette Transform are used to improve the packet delivery ratio in the mobile networks which have unreliable links.
  • Exploitation of a realistic physic layer model and the evaluation with the routing protocol. On one hand, it uses a model to simulate the behavior of the channel in ad hoc networks. It is based on the rayons theory and the homogeneous zone concept which consider the channel behavior in static and low mobility scenarios. On the other hand, it makes uses of the quality of the radio links to determine the route.

Implementation based on olsrd

The MP-OLSR is implemented based on olsrd. The ASUS eeePC 901 and the Backtrack Linux distribution are employed to build mobile nodes.



The source code and related documentation are available here:

Source code of MP-OLSR based on olsrd  and the github link:

MP-OLSR installation guide

Description_de_la_plate-forme_dexperimentation (in French)

MP-OLSR journal

Research project report (by Benjamin Molle and Denis Souron)

A brief introduction of installation is also avaible at , by asiantuntijakaveri@ichtyotoxism

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