X-ings, short for «X Things», is a project for building an IoT infrastructure for energy-efficient campus. It also means «Star»in Chinese, which indicates a large amount of small, shiny, connected objects on the campus. As a on-going research and teaching project, it is:

  • a research on Internet-of-Things (IoT);
  • a teaching platform for computer network exercises and experiments;
  • an infrastructure «connecting everything» at Polytechnique for energy-efficient building, distributed energy management and «smart campus»;
  • an IoT experimental testbed for micro-grid demonstrator at Polytechnique, for 
    • Prototyping, security study, performance optimisation
    • Monitor energy consumption and environmental data
  • a collaboration platform that integrates the efforts of electronics, sensor development, communication, networking and data processing.

The first step of the project, LoRaX, is in collaboration with LMD (Laboratoire de météorologie dynamique) of X, supported by Chaire DTER (Défis technologique pour une Énergie Responsable) and Carnot grant.

It aims at building an experimental network that serves as a communication infrastructure on the campus of Ecole Polytechnique based on LoRa. It will support a LoRa network deployment on the campus, provide an operational platform for IoT-related classes and enhance internal/international collaborations.

The longterm vison of X-ings is building a world-leading platform in IoT research and training, as well as transforming the campus of Ecole Polytechnique into a «smart campus».