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    其实圣诞于我来说并没有多大的意义,也并不太感冒。不过身在异国,有假放总是好的,就算是庆祝假期吧。     至于圣诞在中国,更像是年轻人的情人节+狂欢节的结合体,总算是有个借口找点乐子了。所以有情人的就去甜蜜,没情人的就去狂欢吧。     明天就会和阿姨一家启程,去加州北部的某个小镇滑雪了。人生第一次滑雪,还不知道会摔成个什么鸟样。目前还不知道那边情况如何,上网是否方便。不管怎么样,在这里先给大家请个安。   P.S. 给我留下了正确地址的同志们,明信片都已经寄出了……呵呵,也不知道寄到目的要多久……希望能早日收到。

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Sunshine California…

all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey i’ve been for a walk on a winter’s day i’d be safe and warm if i was in l.a. california dreaming on such a winter’s day stopped into a church … Continue reading

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    早晨一到办公室,就收到了来自IEEE WCNC2008的邮件: Dear Mr. Jiazi YI: We are pleased to inform you that your paper #1569071275, ‘Simulation and Performance Analysis of MP-OLSR for Mobile Ad hoc Networks’,has been accepted to the IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference 2008 (Networking Track) … Continue reading

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